The Sabbatical Story

redhead_among_the_mountains_by_kachahaha-d58gc7fIt was a Sunday and he wanted to sleep for another hour but rays of the sun won’t let him! They have easily made their way into the room through the window, so no way of stopping them now! He checked his phone it said 9.15 am and then he switched on his laptop to check the latest football news. From Facebook to football news to TOI he checked all of them but his tea did not come in his bed. ‘May be she is in the kitchen with another experiment of hers’, thought he. It has been almost an hour there was no sign of her. He felt irritated and got up calling her name but there was no answer.
Feeling confused, he sat in the couch and then suddenly he found a paper lying and over it the astray lay. It was a letter that she left for him and it said:
‘Here is your chance to enjoy some me time! Party hard, call your friends or simply do binge watching in your lappy! Just taking a break from you as you say my presence is disturbing for you. Don’t worry I will be fine, I have learnt to be on my own so I can take care of myself. Well, the sad part for you is that I will be back after a few days. Take care and enjoy!’
Monday morning Mr. Malhotra’s phone beeped and he was in no mood to check the message. ‘An important ad campaign to start today, hope Anusha is here on time’, thought he. Almost an hour had passed but there was no sign of Anusha! Feeling very irritated he took out a phone to call her instead found her message:
‘Hi Boss, Happy Monday Morning.
I Quit!
A short and sweet resignation letter you have ever got. Well you may not know my worth but I know! Hope the Ad campaign goes fine without me! Take care and by the way stop blaming others, it’s not a good habit.
She sat in the balcony with a cup of coffee, the wind caressed her face and hair, while she witnessed the most beautiful vista of the nature. The sun rays were bathing the mountains and skies with a blast of colours. The sky with specks of clouds was all smeared in orange and red, while the mountain was shining as an emerald. She took a deep breath and smiled, and then she opened her notebook and started writing.


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