Great Places in India ideal for College Buddy Trips


College life is one of the best times to explore the unexplored trails of the country with your best buddies especially when you don’t have any worries. Convincing your parents during those days is much easier than begging for leaves from your boss, when you start working. Going on trips also works as an antidote to those boring lectures and scary professors!  Your friends know you inside out, and having a blast with them in new places is something you would always cherish.  To make your college life worth remembering and strengthening your bond with your buddies you can simply visit these five awesome places.

  1. Get Set Goa

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Goa is in every youngsters travel bucket list, need I say why (Pun)! Beach parties, water sports, lip smacking seafood, beach shacks and cheap liquor, what else do you need when you are in Goa. If your gang is crazy about music visit Goa in December for Sunburn Festival. To get the real Dil Chahta Hai experience rent a car or bike from Mumbai and hit the highway with your college buddies

2. Leh –Ladakh Diaries


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3. Rafting in Rishikesh


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Rishikesh is another popular college getaway in India! Your trip to this holy town is incomplete without rafting in roaring rapids of river Ganga and nobody else can be your partner in this adventure than your college friends! Get ready to scream with your lung out as you take that topsy turvy ride on the river. Well, it will also give you a chance to wash away all your sins in the holy water. (Pun Intended) At night keep your beer cans and guitar ready to add more zing to your camp fire experience.

4. Gokarna- The Goa Experience in South


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If you are studying in Bangalore, then you have to visit Gokarna with your friends! Many people say, it is the mini Goa of the country for its pristine beaches and laidback ambiance.  You guys do not have to burn a hole in your pocket or ask for some extra bucks from their parents as there are cheap guests houses in this beach town

5. Camping in Jaisalmer


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If you are a lover of night and unusual beauty, do make it a point to go camping with your college friends on the never-ending sand dunes of Jaisalmer. Folk dance, traditional food and the ultimate Mehman Nawazi by the Rajputs on the desert and under the umbrella of countless gleaming stars will surely make your trip to remember!

College friends are our treasures! So do not spend much time on planning, just grab your bags and hit these amazing destinations to bring back home some crazy memories of your trip.


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