5 Reasons you Should Travel more often


Traveling to new places is a way to break out from the monotony of life and discover your own self apart from seeing new things. Next time, if you have a long weekend then rather than being a couch potato, how about grabbing your rucksack and go on exploring the unexplored? And if you still need a reason, here is why you should do it.

Escape Monotonous Life



When you are stuck in the labyrinth of time, and it becomes too much for you to handle, traveling to some distant place can give you some solace.  The deep blue waters of the sea, the enthralling landscape of the mountains and never ending deserts will let you breathe and instill some energy in you, to handle your life when you return. In fact, for many of us, traveling is like a therapy that helps them in de-stressing.

Changes the Way You See the World



When you travel around the world and witness its treasures, you get a new meaning of beauty.  Arresting sunsets over the sea, the gushing waterfalls flowing, the colossal mountains smeared with milky white snow or adorned with emerald green, or the golden desserts will leave you speechless and implant the seed of wanderlust in your life.  In fact, every destination has a different story to narrate to the travellers.

If you don’t believe; even Gul Panag, the famous actress and former Miss India is also bitten by the travel bug and prefers exploring the roads that are less travelled. She has emerged as a travel inspiration for many women in the country.

Meet New People and Embrace their Culturetumblr_n9gl0ufn5q1tbh1dho1_500


Traveling to new places gives you a chance to meet new people and know about their culture. Away from your home, you learn new languages, try new cuisine and, of course, make new friends. In your journey to any destination, these people often inspire you with their stories, and that lets you see both life and people in a new way. Actress, Model, and V.J. Shenaz Treasurywala’s Instagram updates clearly depict that she is in love with traveling and meeting new people.

Say Adios To Your Comfort Zone


Most people who travel have stepped out of their comfort zone, and that’s what has given them a real taste of wandering to new places. You eat dishes that you might have never tried, meet unknown people, take undiscovered trails or simply engage in adventurous activities. Once you return, you will feel rejuvenated at the end the trip.

Discover Yourself


One of the major gains of traveling more often helps you in discovering yourself. After you see the beauty of the world, meet new people, learn about different cultures and also do the unusual, you are reborn with different thoughts and perspective of the world and life. It is a way to explore your own dormant desires and feelings.

Travel more often and soon you will fall in love with your life. It is not just that you have to be young to go places. So, what even if you are in your forties or fifties; take Milind Soman as your inspiration and begin your journey into the wild! Bon Voyage!


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